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The Innovative Finance Foundation (IFF) is a non-profit organization registered in Switzerland with registration number CH-400.7.034.937-8. IFF is regulated by the Federal Supervisory Authority (Eidgenossische Stiftungsaufsicht). 

Our mission is to find new ways 

of financing and accelerating progress.



The Innovative Finance Foundation (IFF) is an independent, non-profit foundation established by Robert R. Filipp and Leonard Lerer in 2011.  IFF has offices in Baden and Geneva and is regulated by the Federal Supervisory Authority. 


We structure products, services and processes that generate new financing, increase efficiency, remove barriers, disseminate new technologies, or promote investment for environmental, social, and humanitarian objectives.

We work in partnership with thought leaders, civil society organisations, companies, the finance industry, governments and multilateral organisations.

100% of the revenues generated by innovative financing mechanisms go directly to project beneficiaries for their activities on the ground. 




President of the Board of Trustees

Founder of IFF, Chairman Fluent SA, extensive experience in public service, international organizations and the private sector.


Member of the Board of Trustees and Legal Counsel

Attorney-at-Law, Founding Partner of Van Stiphout Avocats (Nyon, Switzerland) since 2008, specialized in corporate and EU law.


Member of the Advisory Board

Professor of Global Health Systems, Harvard University, former Chair of Stop TB Partnership, former director at the Global Fund.


Member of the Advisory Board

Chair, Global Community and Resilience Fund (GCERF), former Chair, Global Partnership for Education (GPE), former Executive Director of UNICEF.


Member of the Advisory Board

United Nations Under Secretary-General in charge of innovative financing for development, former Chair of UNITAID, former Minister of Health and Minister of Foreign Affairs of France.


Member of the Advisory Board

Partner Sudarsksis & Associates, former CIO at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), pioneer of the fund of funds investment strategy.



Our projects are selected based on potential for disruptive innovation,  scalability and sustainability.

Disaster Risk Insurance 

Risk insurance can help communities in the aftermath of natural disasters. Our mechanism funds premium payments and secures payouts linked to the severity of the impact.

Waste Management Technologies

Most household waste ends up in landfills or is mass-burned despite new technologies that separate waste much better than humans and convert it into renewable products.

Micro-contributions for UNITLIFE

Micro-donations integrated into global payment systems are collected by UNITLIFE to help finance the fight against chronic malnutrition, a condition that leads to irreversible damage in children, affecting their growth and brain development.

Endangered Species Technology Fund 

Investment fund focused on cutting-edge technologies, devices and services to help detect illegal trade in endangered species of flora and fauna.  

” The cross-fertilization of expertise is a key element of innovation.

IFF brings together political expertise, public policy expertise

and financial markets expertise.”

John McArthur. Brookings Institution


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Innovative Finance Foundation

Rue du Rhône 14

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