© 2011-2020 Innovative Finance Foundation.  

We established IFF as independent charitable 

foundation under Article 80 of the Swiss Civil Code. =

Our goal has been to use the power of financial innovation in positive ways for the good of people and planet.  


Since 2011, we have been putting forward creative solutions to finance sustainable development and global public goods.  Some have been taken up raising millions, while others are patiently waiting for their moment. 


Our mission is to find new ways to finance and accelerate sustainable development.


We structure products, services, and processes that generate new financing, remove barriers, 

increase resource allocation efficiency, 

disseminate new technologies and promote investment to advance sustainable 

development, social infrastructure and humanitarian objectives. 


100% of revenues generated with the involvement of the IFF go directly to project partners and beneficiaries for their activities on the ground. 

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